Budget Hotels in kasauli

Aestus Resort in Kasauli is among one of the best holiday choices for people all over the globe. It is in village Jangeshu, Kasauli, HP, India. The resort is best known for it’s pristine and unspoiled natural beauty and wellness center. People can rejuvenate their mind soul by doing many activities like yoga, meditation, trekking, camping, zip-lining, rope balancing, group activities, individual activities, commando net and many other activities in the lap of nature, in Shivalik range of Himachal Pradesh Kasauli.

The hotel is located in the hills of Himachal Pradesh and is at the height of almost 1,927 meters from sea level. A unique attraction of the Aestus Adventure and Wellness Centre is the Mini Tropical Rain Forest recreation which is liked by one and all. Walking through the Tropical rain forest with artificial rain and waterfall in the background is simply a delight. Dancing to the pulsating music on the mini dance floor in the rain forest is liked by all the guests. This is the first of its kind in this region.Kasauli Resort

There is also a very beautiful Fishpond which houses over 30 golden fish, which is an attraction amongst the children. They enjoy feeding the fish with the fish feed. The Kasauli Resort also gives you an unforgettable experience in the rainy season. The light rain showers falling on the pine trees engross everyone’s mind and soul. Although the Resort is just 77 km away from the queen of hills, Shimla, yet the city seems almost part of the other world. There are so many places that you can visit while you stay in Aestus Resort Kasauli. Complete Chandigarh can be seen through the point which is a spectacular view at night.

There is no need to worry about accommodation when you are in Kasauli. You can get budget hotels in Kasauli. The best time to visit Kasauli Resort is between April to November, when the climate is pleasant and it is not so cold. In winters, the temperature hovers between 10 to 20 degrees many times, even goes down to negative. While in peak summers the temperature hits as high as 32 degree Celsius. The hotel is well connected by road to various cities. The nearest airport closest to Kasauli Resort is at Chandigarh. The resorts also give discounts from time to time.

So, if you want to stretch yourself apart from the fuzzy lifestyle of the city, make a visit to Kasauli and feel the tranquil atmosphere that will prepare you for better tomorrow. Aestus resort is the best choice situated about 1950 meters above sea level and nestled in the Shivaliks.


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